Who’s Donkey Are You?

Reality bites real hard, the sad truth is, a very high percentage of people in our world are living at this place all their lives.  A person living like the boss’s ass can never be free or happy.  To many, this picture may seem funny which it is.  To others it is a very miserable and an angering place to be.   Many thoughts goes through your mind per-minute, how can I get this crazy dumb boss of my ass?  Fear for change is normally the paralyzing reality that controls so many and keep people in bondage.  To change this and any other controlling situations in your life you must become proactive and seek for the best, fastest and safest way out.  Money is one big thing that people uses to control people, to become free and independent.   Seek ways how you can create financial independence.  Freedom and independence is knocking real hard at your door, answer it…

Who-Donkey-Are-You-300x233Are you the boss, or the ass?  The boss can be any one who sits on you with the intent to keep you under their control. Your job, spouse, church, you name it, you know it.  If you are the boss controlling someone, you need to change, you may become someone’s ass one day.
The asp is a weak person who is so afraid of taking risk for change, so they live in that place of control all their life.

Pay day is that day when you become very successful and things changes in your favor. There are no sweeter revenge than massive success.
Get your revenge, become successful.   David G Sr.Who-Donkey-Are-You-3-300x130