Success 4 You

success-baby-face-300x240Success does not spell money at all times.  For some, it simple means reaching to a certain place of desire.  However, it should be everyone’s desire to be successful with something at some point in life.  Desire is great, but without the proper information failure could be inevitable.  The emphasis in this newsletter are necessary principles, if applied will lead to success.

At Manna First we pursue a life changing experience that is second to none.  These
changes are in business, money, health and retaining what we have worked so hard to
achieve for years to come.  We know that at least 90 % of what we do on a day-to-day
basis require the need for money and 90% is being conservative.  

Therefore, with respect to your views and your opinion about money, these principles are needed for success.

The sooner we accept this, the easier it will be to place the right value on money.
The sad truth is, most of us waist our time and money on junk, doing things that is totally irrelevant to what we desire to succeed in doing.  As we grow older we realize the importance of proper time & money management. For some, it may be too late, while for others they will need to work harder to achieve success.

For those who are ready to make the right step into the direction of success, here are a
few things you can do to ensure a successful life style.

1. Find a company, a product, a service, or an idea that will enable you to successfully grow with NO RISK OR WITH LITTLE RISK OF YOUR CAPITOL / MONEY.
Finding these may seem very simple, but you are in for a big surprise, unless you are
looking at the Manna First opportunity.  Some businesses present their concept that
looks great, only to find out later the risky, hidden high cost and low return.  Sometimes
you are in too deep to back out and if you continue the risk only increases.  Anything that
promised a very high return, the risk can be very high and should be thoroughly

For example, in the 1990’s there was a school in N.Y. City they were advertising for their auto mechanic program.  They told us, the school covered repairs on newer cars.

The cost for a few months of classes was over $10,000.  With the little knowledge I have
about auto mechanic, I went to get more information on these classes. Needless to say, it was very disappointing to see all the old cars for us to learn from, these were cars in the 60’s and 70s.  To be frank, that would not be of much help and it would be a loss of money.

At Manna First, we take great pride in making sure you clearly understand the concept and that there are no risk, only a unique and prestigious opportunity awaits you.

These are ways you can evaluate an opportunity.
A.  The time it takes to see growth on your investment.  Keep in mind; this is not stocks,
bonds or mutual fund.  That’s another ball game.
B.  How much capitol can you risk without suffering a great loss?
C.  What guarantee do you have for success
D.  How much time do you have, or how long can you wait before you start to see
changes / success.

This takes us to the next step. TIME!
2. Time plays a major factor in any and everything we do.  This is where most people
suffer lost.  If you carefully evaluate whatever you are getting involved with and you know it has the potential to yield success, then you must work it and give it time to work(you must).

Think of it like this, when you plant a seed, it takes time to die in the ground before it burst
forth into new life.  Some seeds takes a longer time before it germinates and when it
comes forth you must water it and nurture it before it yield any fruit.  Give yourself time
with whatever you are doing and it will work if you do your homework (never quit).
There are only a small percentage of overnight successors.  Getting wealth overnight is always a risky deal and has left many broke, sick and devastated.  Anything you work hard for will have more value to you.  You must commit time to anything you want to see success in. Commit to these steps
A. Set a certain time to work and stick to it.
B. Don’t waste your time doing nothing.
C. Take short breaks, it’s a great way to refresh and re-motivate you for the task on hand.
Time is one of the most valuable assets you have, use it wisely.

This takes us to the next step “COMMITMENT”
 Success is not handed down on a silver platter, except for a few who inherit it from

families or the lucky few who won it.  It’s something that requires work and commitment.
I know there are a few who may say you don’t want success if it involves hard work.
Yet you admire those who achieved it.  It is very important that you know how hard they work for it.  Actors work very hard for what they achieved, doctors go to school for years before they are qualified for their job.

The sad truth is, if you don’t feel the need to succeed at anything, you are in more
trouble than you can imagine. Growing old is no fun, especially when you are sick, poor and broke.  Those who feel there is no need to be successful at anything, they are running the risk of great pain, hunger, homelessness, sickness and loneliness. Only a few people want to be around losers.  As they say “misery love’s company”  

Commit to learning and mastering what you do.       success concept

The ABC’s of success!
 Commit yourself to the success of what you do

B. Commit yourself to the success of what you do
C. Commit yourself to the success of what you do

Even if others around you quit, remember:  “Quitters are never winners and winners are
never quitters”. Commit yourself to the success of what you do.

There is still one big question people ask.  How much do you need to be considered
successful?  The only one can answer that is you, only be true to yourself.  Some feel they
need more than others, you are the one to make that decision.  When people are dishonest to themselves, they are the one to suffer.
Can you pay the price, or can you afford to sacrifice what you desire to achieved?
Can you pay the price, or can you afford to sacrifice what you desire to achieved?

Staying focus is enviable, allowing distraction is inexcusable!  David G Sr.