Money Game Rules

Money truth they don’t want you to know…  This I will call the money game rules!

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Most people like all information to get to the point and not for a long drawn out store. MOney-Rules
Therefore, I’ll do my best to keep this short.
However, you do owe this to yourself to get a very good understanding of these money game rules and start applying it to your life.
This one thing we all must know and that is; everything in this earth is govern by rules! (EVERYTHING)  We have a choice to follow them or break them!
Birds have wings and they fly, the only way man can fly, they must use something like wings to fly. The football games have rules; the cars have rules to follow in order for you to drive them.  To walk you must use your legs, etc…

If everything is govern by rules, why are so many people expecting to become wealthy and they are refusing to follow the money game rules?
There are many money game rules, for the sake of time in this short newsletter; I’ll share with you a few very necessary money game rules we must follow in order to change our financial outcome.
      Please note, these money game rules can even be found in the bible…

 Rule #1: People
When God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, they did just that.
From the beginning of this earth everything surrounds people.  Every transaction, sales, profit, it all surrounds people…  To answer the big $50.00 money give away question, there is nothing we can do to achieve financial success without people.  We need people!
The sooner we accept this is the faster we can start growing our financial success.     This is unavoidable…

I know dealing with people sometimes can be challenging, when we come to this place of acceptance, we then can start learning better people skills.  Learning good people skills will turn your life completely around.   Companies spend millions of dollars to attract people and to train people.  Always! People First!

Rule #2: Products and Services
You must have something to offer, put it this way.  If you don’t have anything to
offer, sale, market, who is going to buy or give to your cause.
Jesus Christ is the world greatest marketer, He believed so much in His cause to the extent that He died for such cause.  Look at the outcome, the world is now enjoying His sacrifices.  What are you offering to this world that can change your financial outcome?

In our market place, the way of marketing is rapidly changing.  The mom and pop traditional way of moving products and services has changed. So many people miss out on some great opportunities for a much better income, only because they refuses to make the right change at the right time.

Are you willingly accepting these changes?  The Internet is one of our best tools to help us adjust to these changes. Companies who had a store front location has closed their store front and is now using the Internet to move their product and services.  Major companies who still have a store front, they also use the Internet to market themselves…
Manna First took a deep look into ways we can effectively reach people and change their lives by offering a simple marketing business module.  Check it out.

For those who may think this is not for them.  Please be advice, you may not be dealing with your own products or services.  However, every company you ever or is working for now, all you are doing is promoting their products or services.  Even if you are working in the backroom for that company, at some point you will be doing something to help move the products or services for that company.

Please remember this one very important thing, every company, business or organization is offering products and services.  Without such, who will be interested in that company?
Look at it this way; many people prefer to work in the back end of the company.
Many people refuse s to become a sales person for their company, that could be one of their biggest set back towards their financial future.  The people who are willing to do direct marketing, they are the ones to become the highest paid people for their company. Those people have more control over their time, income and where they work.

Rule #3: Residual Incomes
What is residual income?  It is a payment or profit earned over and over again
from the sale of products or services rendered or payment for labor rendered over and over again.  There are different types of residual income and it is important to know the differences.
From the beginning of time people have being earning residual income.  They may not
Called it residual income but it was structure this way.  In our 21st century we called it residual income.  It is very important for us to fully understand how this works…

Photoxpress_10774558-Copy-4 The power of choice is yours.  The Bible says; “The rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer” It also says “The little that the poor have, it will be taken from them and be given to the rich”  Why is this?  The Bible also says; “My people suffer because of the lack of knowledge” What is it that the rich knows and the poor does not know?  You owe it to yourselves to get the knowledge…

The first thing we must know, everything pays residual income…  (Everything)
The truth is, you are either receiving residual income or paying someone residual income…  Let us take a deeper look into this.  There are different types of residual income, just to name a few…

Here are three types of residual income:

  1. Simple Residual income: Your job, your weekly or monthly pay check.      Because you are paid every paid period, it is then called a simple residual income. The problem with this is; if you don’t work, there is no income.  Everyone should work to change this; this can be a sure way for financial ruin. Getting a second job or quitting your job for a next job or getting apart time job is not the answer.       Doing that will not change much, very little to no growth!

Any income with a low to medium income cap will limit your financial growth

  1. Growth Residual Income:This is more for people who have
    a small business or a career person.  The sad thing is, in most cases
    they depend on their own efforts to earn an income. One more time, if they are not able to perform, there will be no income.  Did you know that most Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians, Pastors even business owners have some other type of investment working for them other than their own income.  Even Presidents of the USA has books that they wrote, stocks they invest in and other business they own.  Some even own oil field.  The big question is; what are you doing wrong?                       You may be depending on your own efforts; if you refuse to change           you may be setting yourself up for financial ruin.
  1. Unlimited Growth Residual Income:This is where true unlimited growth residual
    income starts. The reason for this is, it does not depend only on your
    efforts but it incorporates the efforts of others.  If you own your own business the overhead expenses may be high.  When working with a network marketing company, the overhead expenses in most cases are very low.  In this income bracket, they are so much you can do.  This is for someone who has multiple stores, investments, involved in network marketing or even a service business with sales representatives who are selling services.

Please keep in mind, everything earns residual income.  (Everything)

The power of unlimited growth residual income; look in your home.  Everything in your home has earned residual income for the company that it was bought from. Your Stove and Television may seem to be the most expensive things in your home.

The toilet paper may seem to be the lowest cost item in your home. However, over a few years the toilet paper could easily become the most expensive item in your home. The simple reason for this is; it is bought over and over again.  Someone say, after it is used, you flush it down the toilet.  Are you flushing residual income down your toilet?
Did you know, before the toilet paper reaches your home, there are many people and companies who got paid.
This is a big question for you, are you earning any money from the toilet paper you are flushing down your toilet?   Are you earning any residual income from anything in your home?  You have spent so much money on everything in your home, if you are not earning any unlimited growth residual income from anything in your home or otherwise, you must work towards changing that.

The unlimited growth residual income rules are working against you.  You are paying for someone else to get rich.  This is why the rich is getting richer and the poor stays poor, the very little that the poor has it will be taken from them and be given to the rich.  In other words, the poor is always buying from the rich and the poor refuse to put themselves in the position to earn from anything.  It is kind of like the one man in the Bible who buried his talent…
Every time you buy fast food, gas, the movies, your cell phone bill, your light bill, you name it bill; someone is earning residual income from you.  Don’t you think it’s time you change this? 
To change this, it’s very important for you to work with a company that offers this kind of opportunity with a very low overhead cost and with unlimited growth residual income.
Are you willing to commit for the cause of your financial future?

Rule #4: Networking  
What is networking?  It is working together in the spirit of unity to accomplishing a specific goal.
A perfect example of this is in the Bible; Jesus told His Disciples to cast their net on the other side.  AFTER DOING SO, their catch was so great; they called their other fisher friends/ partners on the other side to join them.  They were all very successful with the catch.
Look at it this way; if they were working alone using one fishing line, would they catch as many fishes?  Of course not, because they work together in the spirit of unity, their catch was the biggest they ever had in all their career of been fisher men.
Please understand this very important RULE about networking.  A net represents entrapment.
Anything that comes in contact with that net, there is a very good chance that thing will not get away.  It is almost safe to say, that thing will be trap…

success concept For example; McDonald restaurant, they are everywhere.  Why?  You won’t be able to help yourself, at some point you will go in to purchase something.
Networking works very well, you will not be able to become successful working on your own.  If you want to become successful, it is imperative for you to network, this rule is unavoidable.  Start networking yourself now, the sooner you start is the faster you will grow…

Rule #5: Volume
While volume is very important, the volume each business needs to become successful varies.  A company that sell their product or services at a high cost, in most cases they will have less volume than a company that sells for a lot less.
Ford dealers will not sell more trucks than McDonald sell Burgers. McDonald will always sell more Burgers than Ford sells Trucks.  This does not mean that McDonald makes more money than Ford.
However, because McDonald have a larger network than Ford, McDonald will overall make more money than ford.  That’s why McDonald can brag that they sell billions of Burgers, while Ford sells thousands of Trucks.

My point is; the lower your cost is with a strong networking, the better your chance is for the highest volume.  Please note that, both companies would love to sell over a billion products each year, but that is not practical for each company.
Always keep in mind, you must do volume to reach your place of success and with that in mind, you will need to know how much volume you will need to do.
Surprisingly so, when the Church started in to book of ACTS over 5,000 people was added to the Church.  It seems God had volume in mind; look at the Church today, over billions of people loving God.
You will always need volume in the money game rule to work for you!

Rule #6: Never do it alone
Mr. Paul Getty made a very powerful statement and it goes like this; he
would rather have 100 people working for him, than for he himself doing 100% of the work.
That could easily be one of the smartest statement in the business world…

Let us take a deep look into this; if you are doing all the work by yourself and if anything should happen to you, all your work and income is going down the toilet.
This money game rule that govern how the hours in a day works:  There is no way anyone can work more than 24 hours in one day, all because there is only 24 hours in one day.
It’s very hard to give more that 100% of yourself, so many people think that by getting another job it will solve their money challenges.  If they are not careful, it may create more problems.

If you want to increase your income without working harder and trying to work more than 24 hours, it is very important that we use this money game rule.  This is called, working smarter!
This I will call the power of the percentage or the percentage rules…                    Take a close look at this.  If you have 100 people working for you, then you should never need to give 100 % of yourself.                                                                                           100 people equal 100% in normal mathematics; if 100 people give 2% of themselves it would equal 200% of their efforts.  Now, please take a look at this, if 100 people give 10% of themselves, this would equal 1,000%                                                                                   100 people gives 30% of themselves, this would equal 3,000% of work.                               Be honest, DO YOU THINK YOU WILL EVER BE ABLE TO GIVE 3,000% OF YOURSELF IN ONE WEEK OF HARD WORK? 

Please tell me you can clearly see how the rich get richer and the poor stays poor?
The rich always have something or people working for them, instead of them doing everything for themselves or by themselves.
I personal would take this as a warning; if you refuses to change the way you did things in the past and if you continue to do things the old, bad and wrong way, you have no one else to blame but yourself…  It is time to make some changes…

Rule #7:  You always must have a great attitude: 
This is a challenging one, the saying is true; “your attitude will determine your altitude”
The problem with attitude, it is very hard to hide.  Have you ever notice when someone comes around you, how easy it is to pick up what that person energy is?  If that person has a bad attitude in most cases you can feel what that person is like. The same goes, if that person has a great attitude, you will pick it up.

In the business world and I cannot over emphasis the importance of this; you must practice to always have a great attitude.
You cannot have a bad attitude all day and go to a business meeting or to a presentation and expect to have a great attitude, someone will notice and feel the differences in your attitude.
If this should happen all the time, it will affect your overall results in life.
Practicing great attitude is important; please do your homework on how to develop a great attitude. 

Rule # 8: The power of a dollar
Just about everyone have heard this saying; “if every time I hear this saying or do that thing and if I got a dollar or a dime for it, I would become rich”
Do not ever think there is no power in a dollar.  There are many companies and people who went for the big bucks.  At one point, most companies were selling their products over a dollar.

McDonald’s saw this area of marketing and they went for it, they started the $1.00 menu.  The other fast food restaurant was waiting to see them fail.
McDonald was very successful with their dollar menu, this of course forced the others to make the change and adapt to this new marketing.
This new dollar menu became so powerful; even other stores started their own dollar items.  The success of this spread to all major chain stores.  Companies like Wal Mart, Target and all the others, Dollar tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar and mom and pop dollar stores.

Why is this? The popular thing was, you need to invest into big companies franchise to have a good business.
That was in the past…  You now can accomplish this by getting involved with network marketing company without the overhead expense and see in many cases much better result than spending all your money into a franchise or starting your own business. Your dollar will go a long way when you do that.

So many people spend their hard earn money investing for the big buck.  That get rich quick thing messed up so many people. For many, finding a safe way with low cost will produce more in the long run.  The dollar stores have earned so much dollars doing volume than many companies can imagine.
Now the fast food restaurant is earning more on their dollar menu that the bigger price items.  Let that be a wake up call for you…
There are companies like that is offering this kind of opportunity with no start up cost.
The lower your prices are for products or services; the better your chance for you to do volume. 
Your greatest chance for success will come from repeated volume.

Think of it like this; how many times have you ordered from the dollar menu from a fast food restaurant? How many times have you shop at any dollar stores?
The rich and the poor will always want to spend less at some point. 

If you are seeking for an opportunity for a much better financial income, please seek for one that allow you to spend less for a great returns.

Rule #9: Finding a company to work with
Why is it that so many people brag about the company they work for? Bragging how that company is a multi-million dollar company, yet still, there are living pay check to pay check.  Something is wrong with that picture…  What does it profit anyone to feel so good about working for such a company?
I would be ashamed for that company, it is very sad for any companies to become successful on the back of its employees and watch its employees suffer, living from pay check to pay check.  Be bold and seek for change!  Finding a company that truly takes pride in the success of its people can be challenging, do your home and base it on the money game rules…

In closing; I hope this was not too much information.  The purpose of this was to open the mind an eyes of people to newer and better ways for financial success.
Please have an open mind and pursue life with passion, the future is in your hands, make the best of it.

Unity is one of our greatest defenses against poverty
Brought to you by Manna First
David G Sr.