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computer-screen-with-cash-in-handBigstock22From the beginning of time most people miss it.  Due to our own ideology, other people’s opinion, selfish motives, greed, fear, you name it, I’m pretty sure you can name a few.  These things have profound effects on our lives and as caused us to miss out on some of the most powerful opportunities.

I remember in the 80′s when the computer industry just starting to get bigger.  There were members of the church that I attended in Connecticut and others who was afraid of the changes that were taken place in our world about the computer.

They were reflecting on the Bible speaking about the mark of the beast.  They believe that the mark of the beast was the computer.   Quiet possible, it will have something to do with the computer, but at that time we still had a few years to go for that change.

Most people miss the opportunity to capitalize on the possibilities and because of their doubts or other people’s opinions they totally miss it.

For those who can go back that far.  When TV was invented, people were afraid and they called the T.V., the one eye demon.  Even today they are people who are still afraid of these things.  Sound crazy, but it’s true.

Upon the approach of the year 2000, we were at a turning point.  So many people were afraid that this could be the end of time.  I do hope you are paying close attention, because I have mentioned the word afraid a few times.  Why?

This is how most people operate; this small word (afraid) has a huge crippling effect.
It has blocked and controls the growth of many. It imprisoned many emotionally. There are
those who are stuck in their dead end job which block them from even moving one inch
to make any change.

Now ask yourself this                                          
How long can you allow this small word to have such a huge control on your life? money-for-writing-127x75
“The sky is the limit reach for it” 

It’s been said, the Internet is one of the man’s greatest invention,quiet possible, with its risk of course.  Let us examine the risk in brief, before we look at ways how we can protect ourselves and how we can possible benefit from using the Internet.

Risk: Anyone who uses the Internet is at risk at some point, risk such as; viruses that causes your computer to run slow or they can destroy your computer. You get virus from going to certain website, down loading programs, music, movies, software and emails.

How do you know when your computer is getting a virus? The screen on your computer start breaking up and doing unusual things, sometimes when you go to a page it takes longer than usual to load, your computer is freezing.

Hackers and identity theft: This will normally take place when someone leave important information on the Internet unprotected, or when you leave your computer on while not using the Internet.
Sometimes, you may not be able to protect yourself 100% from these things.
There will be some risk, even if you don’t use the Internet. Your personal information is reachable by the public.  Of course, some may have suffered loss and it is painful, what can we do to better protect ourselves?

 Solutions: There are many computer security programs that protects your computer from virus (seek for the one that best suit you) When you are not using your Internet service, please disconnect from the Internet.  Hopefully, there should be no reason to leave your Internet service on when you are not using it. (Ask your Internet carrier how to disconnect)
If you visit any web site that you don’t feel safe visiting and that site is
running slow I recommend for you to disconnect from the Internet ASAP, and try
reloading.  This may help you to stop any further possible viruses or hackers.

To increase the life of your computer, turn it off when you are not using it.  Learn ways how to clean your computer files, this will help your computer to run much faster.  To protect against hackers and identity theft, you can contact the credit bureau to put a block on your credit, it may cost.  There are also companies that can help to protect your credit and identity. (Seek for the one that best suit you)

The reality is; life itself can be a risk. Thieves break in homes, cars, businesses.
We still continue to live after the negative effects.
You don’t say I’m not going home because someone may break into your home, or
you will not work for that company because the manager is stealing from the company.
You continue to live.

My point is, we will continue with our lives regardless of the circumstances.  Always seek the best way to protect yourselves and keep moving

 “Never be so afraid of the unknown to the point where it stops you from reaching for the known” David G Sr.

The known is, people are making millions of dollars on the Internet daily, how about you?     I hope the information did not frighten you further away from using the Internet as a means of doing business.

The reality is; everyone will use the Internet at some point to do some form of transaction.  As a matter of a fact, it’s coming to that point where every business must use the Internet in order to stay in business.

The questions are; how will this affect your life?  How can you capitalize on this powerful opportunity?  How much will you lose for not rightfully positioning yourself in this industry? How much will it cost you for missing out?

The Internet is growing fast; anything and everything that you need, you can get it on the Internet.  If you want love, money, health, food, you name it.  We can even have fellowship with the Lord through the Internet.

To rightfully position yourself on the Internet, you MUST have something to market.  However, marketing on the Internet is not always easy. If you don’t know how to market yourself you will need to find a company that will help you to do so.

Having the right product / service, the right price, the right place to market your product /service and the right people to market to is very important.

Find a company that will help you to market yourself at the lowest cost or for free. You must do your homework, be patient, consistent and work hard and you will win from the internet.  God Bless!

Manna First New Letter, earn money winning the Internet way

David G Sr.