Hen’s House

Stay out of the Hen’s house
The Hen the Rooster and poor Miss Palmer
What is the driving force in our world today?
Ask Miss Palmer. This curiosity strongly nudges her.
Miss Palmer is one who society would consider to
be successful. Through hard work, long hours she
worked her way from the bottom to the top in corporate
America .  She achieved what one would call success, at the cost of spending very
little time with her family, friends or loved ones.

Miss Palmer did what some would say “She clawed her way
to the top of the corporate ladder.” Successful as it may be
for her, still that pounding thought would not leave her mind
as she remembered some of the things she went through to
get to where she is now.
She had many sleepless nights, traveling several miles per week,
putting up with the bull crap from bosses, Co-workers and customers.
This effort for success sometimes has brought her pain, stress, many
times tears and laughter.

Mr. Rooster who is her lover, sometimes seems to be the
only person in her life. He asks; “sweet heart would you
do it again?” She answered with an under tone and a funny smile.
I don’t know, but to take care of your broke and you know
what self, it’s possible I would. He responded with a big
smile and said, you are the greatest baby, thank you!

You see, life did a number on Mr. Rooster. He sustained knee injury from his last
job and with all his money consumed by medical bills, he is now broke and discussed.
Mr. Rooster wants to get all the benefits from Miss Palmer; he is always devising ways
how he can get some or most of Miss Palmer’s money. He wants to take care of his
honey on the side. His honey on the side is Miss Palmer’s neighbor.

Be careful of your neighbors, they are watching for when Miss Palmer
goes to work. Mr. Rooster and the Hen would then go to play. Miss Palmer works very
hard and because of her busy life style, she was unable to give Mr. Rooster the time
of day he desires, so he would get the time of day from the Hen.

Mr. Rooster thought he had it made. He got all his needs met,
all the love he wanted, bills are paid and money. What more could
he ask for, life is good. One thing Mr. Rooster did not know and that is; the hen was
only using him to get all her needs met. Oh, the circle of life!

The Hen have a man friend, he just gets out of jail.
He is muscular, jealous and seems very mean.
If he should find out about Mr. Rooster, Rooster dude would be in
a whole lot of crap.

Miss Palmer suspected that something is wrong; she wanted to have
a relationship but Rooster dude is acting strange. She keeps trying
but Rooster dude was not having it today. Mr. Rooster was thinking
real hard, only if I had the money this woman have, the amount of
things he could do. He said I would take a vacation with the hen; we
would go on a cruise. The fine clothing I always wanted I would
buy. What can I do to get Miss Palmer to give me this money without
her knowing my intent? If I tell her I want to go on a vacation she would
want to know the who’s and the why’s.

Knowing how much Miss Palmer cared for this man and how hard she
worked to make sure that he has the things he needs, she needed a
relationship, if you know what I mean. Mr. Rooster was not having
it that day; his mind was on the honey next door, the Hen.
Miss Palmer started thinking, something is not right, why is he
behaving like this. As tired as she was she went to sleep.

Mr. Rooster saw this as an opportunity to go to the hen house, “Stay
out of the Hen house”, he got there feeling good he can spend time
with his hen. Big surprise, while Mr. Rooster and the hen were having
a relationship, Miss Hen’s man friend showed up. Muscle dude’s world
turned upside down when he saw what was taking place.
He started beating Mr. Rooster. They started screaming and shouting
as they ran outside with the noise, it woke Miss Palmer. She was frightened
out of her sleep and went outside only to see
Miss Hen’s man friend beating Mr. Rooster. She shouted with a loud
strong voice, why are you beating him? The hen man
friend answered, I saw him having an unlawful relationship with
my woman. Needless to say how much this devastated Miss Palmer.
It was too much for her to forgive him so she asks Mr. Rooster to leave.

Dealing with this devastating blow in her life, the question came
back to her. What is the driving force in our world today? Is it money?
sex? Spending quality time with the ones we love?
Spending more time with God? In deep stress she said, there must
be some balance.

She asked herself, was there any balance in my life? With humility
she admits, there was no balance in my life. I spent too much time
getting money and not enough time with other things that are important.
Miss Palmer got her answer and changes her overall outlook on life.
Things became a lot less stressful for her.
The muscle man could not be with the Hen any more as he wanted a
more stable relationship, so he left.

Mr. Rooster and the Hen got married; they continued to struggle
with money needs. Six months later Miss Palmer and the muscle man
got together, they fell in love and got married.

Miss Palmer now has the man she always wanted and the muscle
man is now very happy with the angel he found.
“Life is good when you have money and the right honey”
said the muscle man.
Are you in this collaboration of expression? I hope not. If you are,
how can you change this? You must have balance.

Protect the things you work so hard for, by not destroying the things
that work so hard for you. “Stay out of the Hen house”,
David G Sr.
Don’t get caught with your underwear down.
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