CEO Note

As a new company, we’re striving for growth in all areas of this business.  As we continue to develop and become more effective in the area of marketing, our service will be our focal point…       CEO-Note

Our affiliate members, members, customers and the companies we represent will always be in view.  We strongly call upon each one to allow the spirit of
unity to be a part of our daily practice.

   “Unity is one of our greatest defense against poverty”

There are major needs for a company like Manna First.  There are so many people who need changes in their lives.  These changes may at times come with challenges, as we continue to work together in the spirit of unity we will overcome.

Our Monthly Newsletter offers a great opportunity to unify our strengths.
Through our Newsletter we are building a resource of information, this will help us in finance, health and relationship for our loved ones for years to come.

Always remember, there are no risks involved with Manna First, we are offering a simplified income opportunity to everyone; making it possible for us to enjoy the life we so desire to live.  With this in mind, let us continue to push against the wall that tries to enclose us, knowing that, at the end of the day we have created an empire.

David G Sr.
President and CEO

Please send us any information you think is of any interest to this endeavor.
Your input could bless someone!

Please remember to use the classified ad section, it’s free!
God bless you, lets change lives together, one person at a time!